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Wainamics’ expertise is in integrating system architecture and assay into smart, cost-efficient microfluidic cartridge design and development.

Our depth and breadth of experience includes:

In vitro diagnostic tests

  • Point-of-care tests

  • PCR


  • Immunoassay

  • Genomic

Life science research platforms and applications

  • –omic and multiomics

  • Organ-on-a-chip

  • Nanopore sequencing

  • Droplet PCR

  • Cell growth in space

  • Genomic analysis for agriculture

  • DNA synthesis

Sample Types

  • Blood

  • Plasma

  • Serum

  • Saliva

  • Nasal swab

  • Tear duct

  • Urine

  • Fecal matter

  • Plants


We’ve helped 50+ organizations with 100+ projects — from 2-person startups to large companies and government agencies.

Badge - Wainamics follows Design for Excellence and ISO 13485 guidelines

Project Examples

Organ-on-a-chip Cartridge

organ-on-a-chip image

COVID-19 Point of Care Diagnostic Test

COVID-19 point of care diagnostic test cartridge

CRISPR-Based SARS-CoV-2 Saliva Test

CRISPR-based SARS-CoV-2 Saliva Test project example.

Sensor for Ultracold Sample Monitoring

Image of sensor for ultracold sample monitoring

Fecal Sample DNA Extraction Unit

Image of fecal sample DNA extraction Unit

NASA Studies – Biology in Space

Image of NASA BioSentinel cartridge
Picture of sensor for ultracold sample monitoring

Integrated PCR and GMR for Point-of-Care Test

Image of cartridge evolution for integrated PCR and GMR point-of-care test


“Start-ups have limited resources and need to meet timelines and milestones for fundraising.  I described what I needed to Wainamics and they quickly and cost-effectively delivered a prototype flow cell. Outsourcing the flow cell to experts enabled the internal team to focus on other areas of development.”

— Dajun Yuan, Principal Scientist and Biotech Entrepreneur and Innovator

“I appreciated Wainamics’ ability to shape requirements and build our latest organ-on-a-chip prototype and transition it to a manufacturing-friendly design. Wainamics’ scientific understanding was key, along with creativity and deep technical understanding to address our unique challenges.


As a CTO, I recommend Wainamics for taking you from concept to design and de-risking for product development.”

— Mark Fauver, CTO at Nortis

“Wainamics' expertise in fluidics and electromechanics has helped me in two companies to accelerate delivery of a point-of-care test cartridge to show investors for funding purposes.  Wainamics is a terrific resource for early stage design.”

— Lead Engineer – 2 start-ups  

“Wainamics worked with me when my idea was on a piece of paper. They helped me with design and chemical compatibility – materials selection was super critical to my project success. Wainamics’ broad experience was instrumental in getting to a proof-of-concept device for pre-seed funding with a quick turnaround time.

Wainamics’ scientific as well as engineering expertise along with a high level of engagement and caring make Wainamics a terrific partner.”

— Mary Noe, CEO at Switchback

“Our relationship with Wainamics was very collaborative. Their team really listened to our needs and helped develop a prototype that we were able to use on an important government contract. They respected our schedule and took the time to understand our requirements.”

— Peggy Sammon, CEO & Co-Founder, GeneCapture

“Wainamics had experience in designing molecular diagnostics test cartridges and systems, so I knew they could quickly deliver one that suited our technology.  I appreciated their collaboration, assisting us in all aspects of product development including technology development, system testing and manufacturing transfer.”

— Bryce Yao PhD, CEO and CTO at Magic Lifescience

Wainamics was instrumental in helping us develop prototype devices that facilitate activation and practical use of our color-changing, time-temperature indicator chemistry. They immediately recognized the ground-level importance of materials compatibility and their expertise in engineering user-friendly devices to manipulate small volumes of liquid was clearly evident. 

Wainamics was also highly responsive to follow-up questions, even after providing us with final deliverables. They clearly care about the success of their customers.”

— Chad Borges, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of CryoVeritas


Wainamics has contributed to innovations in diagnostics and life science research highlighted in peer-reviewed publications.  

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