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Sensor for Ultracold Sample Monitoring

Wainamics, a General Inception partner,  assisted with the design and development of technology spun out of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. 


Providing design, prototyping and molding services along with chemistry and material compatibility testing, and finally performance verification, we enabled CryoVeritas to hit its milestone: a pilot program for its visual temperature indicators for ultra-low temperature sample integrity monitoring.

Design of ultracold device.
Image of actual ultracold device.

Wainamics was instrumental in helping us develop prototype devices that facilitate activation and practical use of our color-changing, time-temperature indicator chemistry. They immediately recognized the ground-level importance of materials compatibility and their expertise in engineering user-friendly devices to manipulate small volumes of liquid was clearly evident. 

Wainamics was also highly responsive to follow-up questions, even after providing us with final deliverables. They clearly care about the success of their customers.”

— Chad Borges, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of CryoVeritas

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