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NASA Studies – Biology in Space

As a long-time partner for NASA, we can handle extraordinary requirements. Wainamics has delivered microfluidic cartridges for use in space over the last 10+ years – for 6 different systems, 3 launches, and 2 projects on the International Space Station.


Most recently, we completed a Phase I study of a continuous perfusion cell culture microfluidic cartridge. 

Image of system on ISS.
Image of Instrument used for testing.
BioSentinel microfluidics cartridge image.

Wainamics contributed to the design and development of the BioSentinel microfluidics cartridge to study the impact of interplanetary space radiation on yeast.  This BioSentinel data is critical for interpreting the effects of space radiation exposure, reducing the risks associated with long-term human exploration, and confirming existing models of the effects of space radiation on living organisms.

To learn more, visit here.

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