Microfluidics solutions for life sciences and diagnostics

Complete assay and cartridge integration

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Wainamics is a multidisciplinary research and development firm with broad experience in transforming research concepts to products. We develop high performance consumable cartridges using our expertise in microfluidics, materials, and assay integration.

We collaborate with our clients to:

  • Optimize materials and surfaces for assay performance.
  • Develop low cost, easily manufactured consumables.
  • Validate assay sensitivity and accuracy with biological samples.
  • Integrate with hardware and software for the best user experience.


Wainamics developed a point-of-care test cartridge for CD4 cell counting in whole blood. This is a low cost, fast, and accurate way to stage and monitor HIV/AIDS patients in resource-limited settings.


The microfluidic cartridge enables accurate and sensitive fluorescence imaging with:

  • Optimized surfaces for uniform flow of whole blood via capillary force.

  • Patented approaches for controlled reagent release and mixing.

  • Injection molded, high precision cartridge that meets consumable cost target for resource-limited settings.

CE Marked and qualified by the World Health Organization.

NASA Space Biology Research System

Wainamics is the leader in the development of microfluidic cartridges for unmanned life science experiments in space using NASA’s nano-satellite platform. 


In one example, the BioSentinel fluidic card was designed for NASA’s Ames Research Center to study the effects of space radiation on yeast, including:

  • Isolated wells containing different strains of yeast cells.

  • Interconnected fluidic channels to the wells for growth media exchange.

  • Optical windows for monitoring cell growth.

  • Multi-layer lamination to incorporate various materials from filters to fluidic manifolds.

Point of Care Testing Device Based on Electrochemical Sensing

Wainamics has developed a low-cost, point-of-care testing platform that is based on electrochemical sensors, demonstrating:

  • Quantitative antigen detection to below 100 pg/ml level using commercially available immunoassay testing kits.

  • Screen-printed electrodes designed for protein surface immobilization and performing parallel control assays.

  • Fully integrated microfluidic flow cells for automated assay testing and optimization.

When used with detection instruments that are about the size of a cell phone, this platform allows highly sensitive quantitative immunoassay and molecular diagnostic measurements.

Integrated Fluidics R&D Systems

Wainamics offers innovative and versatile liquid handling platform development, capable of seamless integration with microfluidic cartridges and existing microscopy instruments for fully automated experiments. Examples include:

  • Platforms for automated sample selection and injection into microfluidic cartridges.

  • Multiaxis liquid handling systems with automated fluidic distribution mechanisms and active cooling.

  • Non-contact nanoliter reagent dispenser.

  • Flexible I/O architecture for rapid integration with other instruments and user friendly graphical user interface for bioassay protocol development.

Other Wainamics Projects

We chose Wainamics due to their wealth of experience in microfluidics. Throughout the working process, we found that their experience enabled creative scientific approaches. Additionally, we were impressed with Wainamics' capability to tackle hard projects and work with us on research projects.

Our project involved a unique flow pattern that was very sensitive to pressure spikes and required very low pressure. Wainamics worked with us to systematically address these issues. For each challenge, Wainamics came up with multiple solutions and tested each one under multiple scenarios to determine their performance limits. We then decided upon the best solution and Wainamics delivered the final packaged system. The Wainamics design involved a novel flow path and pump configuration, which addressed key requirements and challenges.