Microfluidics solutions for life sciences and diagnostics

Complete assay and cartridge integration

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Wainamics is a multidisciplinary research and development firm

with broad expertise in transforming research concepts to products. We develop high performance consumable

cartridges using our expertise

in microfluidics, materials,

and assay integration.

We collaborate with our clients to:

  • Optimize materials and surfaces for assay performance
  • Develop low cost, easily manufactured consumables
  • Validate assay sensitivity and accuracy with biological samples
  • Integrate with hardware and software for the best user experience


Consumable Design & Development

Microfluidic device design and development for commercialization

Bioassay verification and optimization on fluidic cartridges

Proof of concept clinical sample testing on fluidic cartridges

Material and surface chemistry optimization

Reagent storage, dispersion, shelf-life optimization

Fluidic controller and cartridge integration with detection instrument

System Architecture

Manufacture and supply for pre-regulatory approval needs at low volume

Extensive network of high-precision injection molding, films and lyophilization partners

Efficient manufacture transfer

Pilot Manufacturing



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We chose Wainamics due to their wealth of experience in microfluidics. Throughout the working process, we found that their experience enabled creative scientific approaches. Additionally, we were impressed with Wainamics' capability to tackle hard projects and work with us on research projects.

Our project involved a unique flow pattern that was very sensitive to pressure spikes and required very low pressure. Wainamics worked with us to systematically address these issues. For each challenge, Wainamics came up with multiple solutions and tested each one under multiple scenarios to determine their performance limits. We then decided upon the best solution and Wainamics delivered the final packaged system. The Wainamics design involved a novel flow path and pump configuration, which addressed key requirements and challenges.

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