Our project experiences cover many life sciences areas including:

  • Point-of-care testing from molecular diagnostics, immunoassay to whole blood cell counting and hematology

  • Cell capturing and cell growth

  • Droplet PCR

  • Protein profiling

  • Phage based bio-sensor

  • Nanopore sequencing

  • Sample Prep

  • Low, cost disposable cartridge

  • Surface optimized for blood flow

  • Uniform dry reagent mixing

  • Electrochemistry based sensing

  • Low cost disposable cartridge

  • <100 pg/ml antigen detection

  • Cell growth assay in Nanosatellites

  • High material compatibility and long shelf-life

  • Multilayer lamination incorporating filters, Si sensors, & specialty


  • Cell lysing, DNA capture and elution

  • Hands off automated assay

  • Plug and play fluidic pump

Other Wainamics Projects