Ready-made slides, pumps and flow cells for material testing and quick proof of concept fluidic experiments.

Wainamics has extensive experience designing and developing custom solutions to address specific customer needs. We’ve drawn on that experience to develop off-the-shelf, ready-made products that address the needs of researchers in early-stage proof-of-concept testing.


25 mm X 75 mm Plastic Slides

Clear 25 x 75 mm, 25 each per box                                               

Available in the following stock material:

  • Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP) Zeonor 1420R with low vapor transmission rate, low autofluorescence and excellent organic solvent compatibility.

  • High Purity Acrylic with low autofluorescence and high transmittance (above 340 nm).

Part # 1005-3, 0.5 mm Thick, 25x75 mm Zeonor 1420R

Part # 1005-4, 1 mm Thick, 25x75 mm Zeonor 1420R

Part # 1005-6, 1 mm Thick, 25x75 mm High Purity Acrylic

Custom: 0.3 mm to 2 mm upon request.

500 µl Syringe Pump System

Syringe pump system with a 6-port distribution valve.

  • Run multi-step assay experiments without taking tubing on and off.

  • Intuitive programmable interface for flow control and assay step automation.

  • Adjustable flow rate between 10 µl/min to 200 µl/min.

  • Script recording feature for fully automated runs.

  • Adjustable tube rack to minimize dead volume.

  • Coated PTFE tubing for minimum non-specific binding of proteins.

Part # 1030-1, 500 µl syringe pump with 6-port distribution valve,

6 ft of 1/16" OD, 1/32" ID coated PTFE tubing, and software.             

25 mm X 75 mm Imaging Chamber Flow Cells

Customized chamber slides for cell imaging and microarray applications.

Overall slide dimensions are the same as standard microscope slides. The slide top has inlet holes designed to fit pipette tips from 10-200 µl, or to connect to a Wainamics manifold for simple fluidic experiments. The slide base has pressure sensitive adhesive. Simply remove the protective film on the adhesive and bond the slide to your glass or plastic slides to form an enclosed microfluidic flow cell.

To order your customized slide:

  1. Contact us for a free consultation on your project and we will send you the DXF file for the slide top.

  2. Design your flow channels using the existing holes as the inlet and the outlet. Minimum feature size is 300 µm.  We can help you with this step.

  3. Submit your DXF file for review and approval.

  4. Choose your flow chamber thickness - 50 µm or 140 µm (thicker flow chambers available by special request.).

  5. We will send you 25 slides with your customized flow pattern 2 weeks after our receipt of your order.