Human Fecal Sample Processing in Metagenomic Studies

The Wainamics sample preparation system more accurately identifies and quantifies species in a defined bacterial consortium than industry-standard stool metagneomic DNA extraction kit.


The Application

Client is developing a point-of-care gut microbiome profiling platform.  They came to Wainamics for a fully automated sample preparation system for metagenomic DNA extraction.

The Challenge

For bench top, high sample number efficient testing, client required a fully automated sample prep system for cell lysis, DNA capture, and purification.  System requirements included:

  • Disposable sample-prep cartridge

  • Intuitive and flexible user interface to allow for protocol optimization

  • Fast scalability to allow multiple experiment stations as company expands

The Solution

Wainamics developed a fluidic cartridge incorporating filters and DNA extraction beads, together with the WP6 pump system in less than 4 weeks.  Lysis, capture, and purification steps were incorporated with precise flow-rate and volume control.  New protocols can be programmed for automated operation with the built-in recording feature.

The Result

Metagenomic DNA was successfully extracted using Wainamics sample preparation system.  The resulting data demonstrated higher accuracy and less bias in extracting both Gm+ and Gm- bacteria from a defined sample than the industry-leading stool metagenomic DNA extraction kit.