We rapidly accelerate your product development schedules by combining our in-house rapid prototyping and testing capabilities with cartridge assay integration testing within 1-2 weeks of project initiation.


Dedicated Wetlab for Bioassay Integration

  • Ability to handle blood, urine, and fecal samples

  • BSLII capable dedicated room for assay tests

  • Relationships with Stanford and UCSF for fresh blood and clinical samples

Fluidic testing.jpg

Fluidic Testing Lab


Rapid Prototyping


Low Volume Manufaturing

  • High precision fluidic control station

  • Fluorescence imager

  • Rapid fluidic system prototyping and breadboarding

  • 3D printing (SLA & FDM)

  • CNC machining

  • Laser cutting

  • Surface treatment

         - Plasma

         - Dip coating

  • Partners for high precision injection molding and die cutting

  • Specialty materials

          - Biocompatible

            pressure sensitive


          - PMMA

          - COP/COC  

          - TPE

          - Silicone Elastomer

  • Dry and wet reagent integration